The Cupboard

Goodbye for now

If there’s one thing the last few years has taught is it’s Family first ... life can suddenly change and when we take a minute to evaluate ... Family should always come first! That time again has popped up.


We have loved every minute of “The Cupboard” by Mrs Blanchett’s but for now we are closing our store front ... for all our fabulous customers who have supported us, we Thank you! Mrs B’s will be on Closing Down Sale over the next few weeks!  All outstanding orders will be in stock and completed over the next week!


We have a long Family history of supplying affordable style in furniture and interiors .. we are planning to continue as we love what we do and are not ready to say Goodbye forever yet!


Our online web store, Instagram and Facebook will continue with an update of a more personal style of my day to day styling, decorating and vintage finds for sale via our web store.


Also our popular 1 week only warehouse sales will become our main events for sourcing affordable style. Starting around next summer ...

so be sure to register online to receive your exclusive invitation or follow our social media.


One-on-one consulting will still be available and I look forward to you introducing me to your home!


Thank you again for supporting my dreams and visions ... I look forward to continuing my design journey with you.

for all enquiries  (including trade)  0448 865 728  •

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